I’m starting this new blog for a new period in my life. It’s my symbolic transition into a phase in life which I hope will be as sunshiny, and bright and beautiful as I am imagining it to be 🙂

We are shifting locations. Heading out towards the south of India. It will be a major change for Hubby and me… A period of many firsts. This is the first home that we will be building together, all by ourselves..our first house hunt expedition, first brush with the brokers and maids. Then ofcourse will follow the first furniture that we’ll buy, the first appliances, first friend that we’ll invite… The works!

It’ll be a thrilling time, don’t you think? And I want to chronicle it all here. The laughs, the confusion, the anxiety, the fun, the arguments.

I hope to record things here and hope for this to be a work that I can dig into, many years later, and chuckle or grin goofily. I also want you all to please comment. Treat this like a friend’s place.. Drop in to say hi, agree with me, disagree with me, share a slice of life with me.

Looking forward to our cuppa chai and chat as soon as we can 🙂