Last night, me and MR got talking about Poetry and Stories and how poetry is more about dreams and and stories are more about memories.

…so he said, that in life always, you should have more dreams, than memories (and I could link it to the “Power of Now” line of thought), and maybe that’s what it is to be “young” in one’s mind.

For me, dreams and memories follow in phases, there are times when I’m living in my dreams, and others when I’m living in my memories. It really can’t be so bad to live in the past? Can it?

Ofcourse, one could argue that the past and the future are only a “Now” of some point of time, and that by living in dreams and memories, we do not pay attention to what matters most… the Now.

I’m one of those people, who experiences things in retrospect. It mind sound funny, but I’ve experienced situations, ideas, emotions, only when I’ve had the time to think about them and not in the Now. Maybe, I try and remain too neutral in the moment, and need that exaggeration, that magnification of the experience, that additional masala, that my brain adds to it, while making a memory or a dream out of it, for it to really hit me.

So though I am making a life, in Now, am I not “living” it in the Past, or in the Future? Isn’t “Living” about “Experiencing”. That experience that pierces through your consciousness?

Or maybe the reason that I can’t experience things in the Moment, is that I’m to busy living in the past and future? Who is to say?

Starting now, I’m going to try and focus more and more on the present and see what happens. Will keep you posted.