What does one get out of lies?

What can be more alarming than deceipt?

Everyone has a self image, and true, everyone reserves the right to protect this self image. The problem comes in when your self image begins to control your perception of reality. It is a problem if this self image, becomes more important than the self.

The problem with a Lie is two things: –

1. It is taking away our trust in the world as we know it.

2. There is no more real ‘bonding’ between people.

I’ve always always wondered how people come to have the perceptions they have about themselves… and why is it that some people get to be more honest about themselves than others. Why is it that some people totally lack the quality of introspection?

Anyways, lies and false pretences disgust me. Its a strong word, but well, this is my blog, ain’t it. To me it signifies a weakness of character, a person, who doesn’t have the strength to face up to his/her own daemons… a person who is deceiving no one else, but himself/herself.

I’ve always felt that our souls see other souls for what they are, that they are able to see beyond the carefully constructed image we maintain.

I think we need to let our souls free of ourselves. After all, how long can your soul survive on a pack of lies…