October, November and December have to be the best months of the year. There is festivity in the air, homes, streets, malls are lit up with brilliant twinkling lights. Everyone seems happier, walking with laughter on their lips and a spring in their steps. Just lovely!

And somehow, festivities and winters have a special charm… the smell of popcorn, the warmth of the yellow lights, when there is a nip in the air. The hugs seem warmer, the smiles brighter and it feels like everyone is celebrating life.

And then Navratri, and Dussehra and Diwali and Christmas and New Year and our birthdays and anniversaries, so much to look forward too!

There is something about all of this and Delhi, probably because I have such memories of Winters and Festivities here. I remember my brother and I checking out the progress on the neighbourhood Ravana for Dussehra in our neighbourhood park, and the number of crackers being fixed in it comparing it with other Ravana figures around our area. We would spend our Dussehra break making lists of the crackers to buy for Diwali and squabbling over whether we’d buy more chakris or more bombs.

I remember listening to Christmas carols on Doordarshan, and all of us neighbourhood kids decorating some random tree as a ‘Christmas Tree’, singing ‘ Rudolf the red nose reindeer’.. and ‘Silent Night, holy night’ till late evening when the combined army of all our parents came in to drag us back home.

And then on New Year’s eve, cuddling into warm blankets, far away from the chilly Delhi December nights, with our parents and watching all the New Year entertainment on TV and going to sleep in wonder and amazement of how one year had changed to another, just like that, without any notice 🙂

Ah… memories, glowing bright, and spreading cheer.

Wish you all a very very happy, bright, and prosperous Diwali and New Year, everyone, all of my new friends… It’s been a pleasure to write to you, and to read your posts. Thanks for keeping in touch and spreading the warmth and friendship around.