I read JottingnMusings’ post on ‘Counting blessing’ here. She’s written a brilliantly positive post and it puts you in a different frame of mind.

After reading her post I realised that positivity and negativity can both can be spread with equal ease and yet, there is so much more fear, and anxiety all around us and so much lesser belief in our own selves, and hope and trust. I wonder why?

Is it just that negative news sells more than positive news? I don’t think that can be the case unless, people want to read more more negative things. Do people want to read about things that scare them, instill fear and mistrust??

The media is making a fool of people today. What started out as an initiative to spread awareness and bring the world to the everyone is now moving people away. Sure bad things happen, but good things happen too. However, we feel that we would much rather be aware of ‘danger’ (theory of evolution – Survival of the fittest), the more information we have about the danger out there, the more our chances of survival are. This is fine if it is left to this point.

What is not fine is creating this image that the world is largely an unsafe, dog-eat-dog place… and instilling a fear that… “It could happen to you”. There is no more rational, passive reporting of incidents. The reporting today sells at the cost of our passions, our anxieties, our beliefs and it plays to the gallery. Emotional tomfoolery at the cost of the common junta and yet we are so blinded by our own fears that we go back to the same newspaper/channel again and again, imagination running wild.

We are paying a huge cost for more ‘awareness’ in our lives. We need to ‘know’ more about everything and that ‘more’ somehow has to be the dark cloud behind the silver lining. As a result, I think we have now come to a point where we are increasingly not able to recognise and appreciate, the good things, the good people around us. I’m worried that at the rate at which things are going, and goodness and positivity going unappreciated, there might come a point where it will be wrong to be good, “Not the smartest thing to do”.

And you know what, the closure to this vicious cycle is within ourselves, in how we deal with information, and our emotions and our reactions.

There is a lot of negativity in the air, this year round and that is even more reason to start a new battle of ‘Good’ vs ‘Evil’…. by bringing in Good thoughts, pleasant thoughts and deeds into our lives and by rejecting negative thoughts and people.

Silver lining on a dark cloud, or dark cloud within a silver lining, its all about focus….Its all to do with a change in perspective.

Don’t you think?