Its been a long time since the last post… Was it in August sometime?

After that life went into a whirlwind! My project got crazier, and crazier. I was working both days of the weekends in September and October. H was away to Delhi for his project. There was too much to be done. I guess I kinda lost track of time.  Now that I think if it…. it feels like a daze!

Anyways, I was working hard to take the long break that I had planned to, for Diwali and the anniversary. And we did, we took a nice long 15 day break, went to Delhi, and to Corbett…and after that we came back to B’lore via Chennai.. the works

And its only been since the last weekend that some semblance of sanity has dawned on our lives. And I remembering the old bloggy ways again 🙂

Life has really got hectic… but its a nice “ALIVE” kinda hectic. We have friends over all the time, we go out for movies, for coffee, we have night outs, and the world seems to be a pleasant and happy place. I see our house becoming the kind of place I had wanted. Lovely, warm and welcoming, comfortable and tidy.

We are eating well, working out, and in general, living a good life 🙂 I am content