This was a random conversation with a friend today.

Sunshinesafari:  have u ever thot, of why u had to go and get married

Friend1: all the time

what abt u?

Sunshinesafari: ya..

Sunshinesafari: I was happier

was being pampered

was the kid

was independant

was the woman

Sunshinesafari : 🙂

Friend1: and?

Sunshinesafari: and then I got married


Sunshinesafari : am still all of the things..

+ a tad more responsible

+ fast turning into a nagging wife

+ more concerned abt my biological clock

+ more careful about meeting any guy friends on my own

+ less likely to be seen in a disc… dancing away into the night

+ more likely to be seen “maintaining relations” with random relatives from both sides

… in short…

….life was uncomplicated… and me centric

and I miss that

Sunshinesafari: what abt u

Friend1: ha ha ha

Friend1: thats a nice analysis

Sunshinesafari:  I think… post marriage..

life gets more and more complicated with every step you take

… marriage — in laws, striking a balance with all the relatives, parents, behaving “married”, dressing up, “Adjusting”

then the biological clock problem

then the 9 month situation… maybe twice over, losing ur figure, gaining it back

then the bringing up baby, terrible twos to terrifying teens, school, homework, guilt about work, guilt about kids

then the getting attached

and then the letting them go

then the lonliness of a time that has gone forever

Friend1:  wow, u seem to have thot out so much

Sunshinefari: then old age… sickness… and then that’s it!