Dunno if all of you out there feel the same way… but I have these phases when I hate work… and then phases when I love work.

I’m going through my hate work phase nowadays… 🙂

There are a number of things that can have brought this phase upon me this time round.. its a brand new year and I’m suffering from January Blues. My mom is here and I just feel like being with her all the time. Its the first time in some years that we have had this sort of extended time together, and the way it is with me and mom, however much we talk, we don’t ever run out of topics (touchwood!). And finally I seem to be blessed with a manager who believes in micromanagement… and after two years of working from a client site, I just can’t get used to the idea of his “presence” all around.

I also happen to be a person, who always has very strong views and ideas about how one should work. Like I’m never really satisfied till I’m working with full attention and focus… and I’m so distracted nowadays! I hate it when deadlines come up when I’m in my distracted space. I just cannot respect them at all.. and feel really annoyed with myself.

Today I was walking around the office, and noticed quite a few people really wrapped up in their work. Was I jealous… AND curious. And strangely, I see it happen mostly with the guys.  Maybe I am trying to generalise, but somehow, the guys do not seem so distracted when they are at work. They seem to know their priorities, and deadlines. Us girls do have a lot of things that occupy our minds… ( and we do multitask better!).. and I personally feel very dissatisfied, when I am unable to show a Guy like dedication to work.

Sometimes I even suspect, that this is just a smart cover up with the guys, and maybe, that intense concentration might just be on the game of Farmville!  Maybe I’m just being too honest here! 😀

Right now, all I want to do is to come to office and blog… let my thoughts run wild. Play with ideas, and imagery…I just don’t know when this drifty phase will end.. am I thankful that I blog!