If someone were to study the trend, I am sure that the statistics would say that women think about weight loss approximately the same number of times in the day as men think of sex 😀 Can someone please provide the exact figures….. oops facts!

It’s funny how when you are thinking of something, that “something” seems to be all around you. I am surrounded by people who have lost, are losing, want to lose weight. I surf the net.. and pop! The pop up for Weightwatcher’s pop’s up…. My best friend pings me to discuss her experiments with cabbage soup.. of the famous Cabbage Soup diet.. and insists that its something to have at least twice a week, though it tastes.. “Yuck”.  It is a real sad state of affairs because even without all this “help”, the thought of weight loss flits across my mind every 10 minutes or so.  It’s like a wily piece of self executing recursive code… the thought comes to my mind, vexes me, perplexes me, then teasingly exits, and then re enters from the other side of my head in just as much time as I try to appease my brain into any kind of sensible thinking, logical reasoning about how I should plan less and exercise more. It’s not funny, I’m telling you…

I happen to be one of those blessed people who are deemed to exercise till they live. The moment I stop hitting the gym, the gym hits back. Truce was called post marriage in this Kurukshetra, when I assumed that now that I am all “settled” in life, I could afford to take it easy, have my piece of cake (literally) and guess what, eat it too… but all such rosy cheeked notions were brought to naught fairly quickly… I went from “Sweety”, and “Baby”… to “Motu” and “Golchu”… overnight! Lovely clothes stopped fitting, the tummy became more difficult to suck in and the people started “wondering” in ways that people usually “wonder” when you have been married for some time.

So guess what…I have been hitting the gym since November, and tracking my weight and exercise at LiveStrong.com ( it’s a great site, try it!) …Such is the state of affairs, that some days back, I went and bought myself a weight loss book too. Yes.. .and which kind of a desperate soul does that??   I check my weight on the bathroom scale every time I see it.. to the point that I think the bathroom scale doesn’t want to spotted anymore 😀  I weigh myself with alarming frequency… Before going to sleep, after waking up, after a bath, before leaving for office, after getting back from office ( the only thing I exercise there is my brain! And that too not so much nowadays 😉 ) and finally before and after the gym.

The speed of my weight loss thoughts .. race, as compared to my weight loss.. and maybe, that’s why they keep returning to catch up with me! God!…Why is gaining weight so much easier than losing weight

Edited to add…

PS : I am not obese… just overweight 😉 Just in case you were wondering. Check the BMI thing for the minute diferrence between the two

PPS : I have managed to lose four kgs in these two months… yippee… so I am not all thought and no exercise either.

Edited to further add..

If I don’t watch out… my blog might just become another Bridget Jones’s Diary :-/