H has a new found love….Kanti Shah movies…..and to be specific, the movie Gunda. What is it about the movie that would appeal to any sensible human being is simply beyond me! 😀  Of late, this movie has witnessed so many screenings in our home, that I too have the dialogues memorized. And I can identify the primary characters, Bulla, Ibu Hatela (yes.. that is a name! 🙂 ) Lambu Aata (yes.. that too!!!)and the likes. 

This is how it began….

As is typical with H… I find him sitting on his laptop and laughing away to glory and nodding in obvious enjoyment. The reason for such joyous outbursts happens to be this movie that his boss can’t seem to stop raving about, and has thus piqued the Mr’s curiosity. 

After having been watched and rewatched on YouTube, the movie is deemed worthy as download material.  Movie is downloaded.

Some friends drop over. Hubby is all praise for Kanti Shah, and admits to having some of his treasures.. a movie by the name Gunda. Movie is showcased after much fanfare to his select set of friends…D and A. I expect some sense to prevail. But that is not to be…the next I see is the same familiar scene.  They are all engrossed ( yes that is the word! ENGROSSED) watching scenes from the movie and grinning from ear to ear  in appreciation.  And I know what is coming next….

and it is….

Day 12, Day 22, and Day(stopped counting): With such positive feedback from his friends, the status and value of the movie is elevated. Another get together with friends (same set as earlier dates and a few additions),  same laptop, same setting, same appreciative glances and grins. Guffaws and chuckles.

Any  Guesses?  They are ALL watching Gunda again!!! Men… Men… Men <sigh> 🙂

I have concluded something from these experiences. Men definitely have lower IQ levels than women ( Feminist in me, sits proud and preens). What do you find them laughing at? Pee pee and poopie jokes, Mithunda “Cult” movies, 3 Idiot type pottie and bum flashing scenes!  And then they go on to become CxOs, and VPs and Partners! And we women face the glass ceiling despite our (ahem!) obvious intelligence and sensibility! 😀

 Oh and by the way, you can read this funny piece about Gunda as a Case Study at IIM-A.  Maybe now I understand why!!

Talking of the funnies, found this really funny (as in really really funny) video from some movie on YouTube. It’s called “The worst dance ever”… and rightly so! Check it out! Poor guy, I’m sure it’s a frame up!