…it was!… but before that.. some  mood music!!

Now sit back, close your eyes, and imagine your days of college. Remember the craziness, the fun, the throwing all caution to the winds, car rides, movies, the carefree minds, the midnight chat sessions…lying in the grass, watching the moon and the twinkling stars, sipping unending cups of coffee… you get the drift…

Those were some really great days and I generally have that sense of loss about those time, that one can never recreate that magic again….but yesterday we did

My best friend from college, S came over from Mumbai yesterday. We hadn’t met each other for 4 odd years, and obviously, when the yakking and the giggling began.. it just wouldn’t stop. We continued over tea and dinner, and the crazy car ride to MG Road at 12 in the night for coffee. We shouted over the top of our voices, singing songs from Rock On, four 29year olds, behaving like a set of mad teenagers!  It was the funnest  and the funniest time I’ve had in a long time.  We forgot our ages, our designations, our deadlines, our roles, our stage in life, and all such unimportant things and just let ourselves live in the moment 🙂

I realized something yesterday… that maybe we had started taking ourselves too seriously,  and that it was great to let one’s hair down and just be. I realized how much it means to have friends who are “FRIENDS”, and that there is something about best friends and one should keep them close to one’s heart.   And I realized that years and distance can’t make you any less similar or any more different that you were when you met your best friend for the first time.

So you realise, rather pleasantly.. the following : –

  • You  both are reading Rujuta Diwekar, despite being to very different health ranges!
  • You request for the same songs, and then proceed to sing along at the top of your already hoarse voices
  • You begin sentences with “Remember when…” and then proceed to recount the same incident together, and find it funny, even when no one else does
  • When you dance, the steps still match!
  • You still are the mutual compliment society…. “You broke up with him?? That’s great, he never deserved you anyways”… “You married him??  He’s so lucky to have you”!

It was refreshing! I realized that one always has a choice on how to live life, the choice to listen to your heart, and to do things you love, and to not fear or care about people’s perceptions.  Livin’ the good life is just about making that choice.

So peepal…yet another lesson learnt 🙂 And I thought I was all old and wise already! 😀