… when there is no other “work”

1.  Sit with your blog open, staring blankly at the page called “New Post”… and wait for some great idea, some flash of light, some arbitrary bulb to light up, so that you write the most ground breaking post ever written.. (ahem.. obviously)

2.  Open the Dashboard, and then the ‘Stats’ page.. .and look at the numbers…  refresh every 2 mins. Wonder why there are no comments, and how is it that people visit and don’t comment.. and then realise that maybe you aren’t writing stuff that is comment worthy… and then remind yourself that you began your “New” blog because you wanted to write for the joy of writing… and then realise, what an idealistic moron you were. The older blog was getting some readers! And they are now Lost… F-O-R-E-V-E-R

3.  Ponder about going back to the older blog.. and realise how such moments of weakness are taking you away from your BIG goal.. a totally ANONYMOUS blog

4.  Try and analyze why you wanted your blog to be anonymous in the first place

5.  Remind yourself again that you wanted to write about a wider range of things

6.  Realise, that you aren’t writing anything on any wider a range of things than you were.  Ponder again whether you over estimated your capability as a blogger.  Realise that there is nothing called a “capable blogger” and that you need to open up your mind to include as many inputs from the environment as possible. Look around and try and find inspiration in the artificial “natural” light.

7.  Decide that the environment is uninspiring.. but you haven’t exactly climbed up the corporate ladder enough to have a glass cabin overlooking a lush green garden.

8.  Blame it all on Work of course! Actually.. the lack of it!

9.  Sigh! … Deeply….

10.  Go back to the “New Post” page… and re-start all this waiting.. watching and sighing business

Yes… my life is that interesting! 😀