Hubby and me watched the movie “Julie & Julia” last night. Watching an entire movie  is a record of sorts for me.  I have a track record of dozing off 20 minutes into any movie we are watching together 😀 … maybe it is something to do with his movie selection… hmm… maybe…. coz  once when we were watching ” Ugli aur Pagli”… I dozed of at least 4 times 🙂

Anyways.. back to the point. The movie was suggested by N. She and I have been the best of friends since ever and ever… we generally go through the same phases in life together. We’ve had our… “let’s bake bread at home” phase… our “We love butter” phase…. our…”Let’s sit in the balcony, cup of coffee in hand and watch the moon” phase. And so when she suggested this particular movie…obviously.. it had to be watch worthy. Incidently this one is a pretty recent movie…it released in 2009.. but then there were so many things going on in life in 2009 that movies weren’t really on the top of my mind . Hubby dearest downloaded it for me… despite the obviously women oriented theme, was sweet enough to sit through it 😀

I luuuurrrrvved the movie!!! Its exactly the kind of movie that appeals to me… women oriented… about one’s journey into one’s one heart… about the past and the present… and about Cooking! J&J  chronicles the lives two women ( Julie and Julia.. obviously)…  both of who are somewhat directionless in life and then discover their love for cooking… and find a life around this love… Julia, ( of Julia Child the famous cookery book writer) picks up a course on French cooking, works her way through the recipes… and finally manages to write a book around it… and Julie.. picks up a blog, and takes up the challenge of working through all the recipes in Ms Julia Childs book, during the course of which… she thinks she will find something in her life that she is missing.  The movie travels back and forth in time, between then ( of Julia Child) and now.. ( of Julie (Powell) methinks) and compares the women during similar stages in their lives.

There are so many facets to it that I can relate to… Like I love shopping for food, in the same way as I love shopping for clothes, like both these women..leave me in the food section of a mall, and you have lost me. I wander around marvelling the sauces, the types of pasta.. the breads, the exotic fruits and vegetables.. 🙂 

Also we three of us share the love of butter and chocolate and baking!…  And recently… the joy in writing 🙂  You could go and watch the movie. It is pleasant.. frothy.. and sweet… nothing hallmark.. but good for a one time watch.