..with WordPress themes!

I seem to be establishing a pattern of outbursts here. I realise that I do a rants post on WordPress at least once a week!

Anyways.. my latest rant is about themes! There are just 79! I am so not happy with the one I’ve got.. and when I had selected it.. it did seem like the best of the lot :-/  Or maybe I have a dissatisfied designer dormant within me who likes to wake up once in a while and shake things up a bit. So the designer in me thinks that the problem with this current theme is that it is too “green”… and there is very little room for any sort of personalisation. Also… (ahem ahem…) I think it is taking away from my fundu -teh -fantabulous writing  and the precious words of wisdom I like to shower on unwitting lurkers 😀

Btw…Note:  Fundu-“teh” fantabulous has been said in the  typical Punju style of saying it… its like one says…”Gory teh Chitti”… (Translation…”Fair and Fair”..) or a “Teh pher ki hoya?”… “And then what happened?” To put it simply ( I hate putting things simply :-/ ) “teh” = “and”.

…There you go… the romance and suspense of the conversation  is over with that revelation… :-/ serves everybody right for cutting my long story short! 🙂 ….And if you were wandering why I’m taking up so much post space for arbit rambling when I just wanted to crib about the theme…. the answer is…. “Aivenyee” :p

Did I make a big deal out of this or what 😀

….as you can see… we are feeling quite frivolous and light in the head today… and thus… acting quite foolish. It has got partly to do with the fact that we have just met our wonderful.. brilliantly super sharp team lead… and partly due to the fact.. that meri procrastination rang laayi hai… and a document that I was supposed to submit for this appraisal.. can actually be turned over before the next appraisal…. because with or without it.. my ratings are not changing…. So I may not submit it… and so YIPPPPEEEE! Sometimes, I bow in utter gratitude, that life for us procratisnators is still is fair sometimes!

…BUT… I’ve gone all around in this post and not said a word about what I was going to write about in the first place… I really do want to change the theme of my blog… Any suggestions??

Edited to Add: – I’ve now changed the theme from “Spring time” to “Contempt” …I think it is in keeping with the tone of the day 😛