Today…. ladies n gentlemen… is the 1st of February.  The January blues are officially over… and we have kinda  settled into 2010 and are not  looking at it glumly on the calendar bookmark on our kitchen closet anymore.  Our appraisal and related is over, and the baggage that we were carrying from last year has left.  We are ready to begin on a clean slate, a fresh, nicely scrubbed clean slate, may we add 🙂  

Okay… off with the ‘we’ business now, (I like to do a ‘we’ when I’m counselling myself!)

Though it is February… today I woke up and realised that we are in 2010… realised in the “sit up and take notice” sorta way.  And so, this is when I make my resolutions. This is also a milestone year for me… I will be turned a good round numbered 30. And 30 does seem like such a big deal, no?  I know in my heart that this year is going to be special, and lovely, and happy, and sunshiny and all that.  I feel all geared up and raring to go! 

My BHAGS ( its pronounced “Bee – Hags”…. Big Hairy Audacious Goals)

1. Visit most of the places near Bangalore

2. Lose weight and get fitter

3. Sort my career out

4. Meet more friends,

5. Read more books and Blog more

6. Learn Tamil.

7. Set up the mostly smoothly functioning house!

8. Look and feel beautiful, and dress it up a bit!

9. Sort out my finances

10. Become very independant.

So, in keeping with the general direction of the BHAGs, my agenda for February (trumpets and drum rolls!)

1. I will learn how to drive. Yes, I still can’t take the car out.  Blame it on pa, for not letting me, despite the training, blame it on H for getting me a driver, blame it on me.. for not resisting all the shielding.

2. I will lose 3 kgs.  I am close to my pre-marriage weight…( after trying an trying from the time the “Motu Golchu” incident happened.. that is… two years!) and this month I will be there.

3. H and me will go out of the city on at least two weekends… and take snaps.. and pen our travelogues on this blog 🙂

4. I will blog at least 4 times a week.

5. I will meet all our friends in B’lore  atleast once in this month.

6. I will stop following H around! Yes.. come weekends and as much as the man wants to be left to himself and his ‘movie room’, I follow him around the house with a vengeance! I try and pre plan things for us, and am terrifyingly particular about how things are to be done, and when things are to be done. So that will stop 😀

7. I will pick up that book on Tamil from the bookshelf and actually study from it.

8. I will reach office on time. Finish my office work in office, and not think about it post 7 in the evening..

That’s all for now folks! Wish me luck!