If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you would know  “Being Independant” and ” Not bugging H” has been high on the agenda this year. Normally our weekly weekly fights around this theme, end up with me in Room1 : Channel Surfing on TV… and H in Room2: Movie surfing on his laptop ( 😀 ya, we are a busy couple.. we don’t get the time to fight on weekdays!). This weekend however…(pause to build suspense), things took a different turn… a turn… towards the phone.

Now.. I know that all our arguments are justified from both sides. H likes his weekends easy going.. and I like mine “Full of Purpose”.  I know that I try to monopolise his time on weekends but, I have always thought that he complains about it, in an indulgent sort of way, and that he needs all my coercion to get out of his inertia.  There is romance in dependance… a feeling of being there… and caring for each other… don’t you think??

So anyways, obviously H doesn’t think so.. and so we were in the middle of our weekly weekly argument, when it dawned on me… that.. heck… I didn’t want to be listening to this every weekend!  It was time for girl power! Time to show my attitude!  I was angry… and I really wanted to be in a position, where I could say.. Fine… I’m going to live my life, my style now…just the way it was before marriage… To hell with everything else!

 So… I finally did something that I had no intention or hope of being able to do..

… I picked up the phone…

…and called …

..the Driving School… (!!)


Yes people!  The driving school! LOL!… And so yours truly is learning driving at the ripe old age of 29!  And this is how it has been so far…


Day 0 : Day of  “Yess Yess”

I had called the driving school on a Sunday.  Got the number from a visiting card, that came with our daily newspaper. Spoke with someone, who seemed to have no idea of what I was saying..

SS: “Hi, Is this  ABC Driving School”

Crazy Uncle X: “Yess Yess”

SS:  “I wanted to learn driving… want to enrol in a class at your school”

Crazy Uncle X: “Yess Yess”

SS: “Will it be possible to start tommorrow?”

Crazy Uncle X: “Yess Yess”

SS: “Okay… what is your fee like”

Crazy Uncle X: “2500”

SS: “How many days” (Ermmmm…. aren’t you supposed to be trying to be saying more to make me join… one murga is phasoed… and if you don’t say something soon enough.. she will.. “FLEE??” .. No no… not this murga.. not this time…)

 H is keenly listening to conversation… SS shows the most aloof, haughty… “look I’m independant” air

Crazy Uncle X: “8 days”

SS: “Ok… but I want a longer schedule”

Crazy Uncle X: “Okay 3500… 17 days”

SS: <<Phew>> “Okay… tomorrow, 9:30 am?”

Crazy Uncle X: “Another time madam??”

SS: “9:00??”

Crazy Uncle X: “Yess yess”


Day 1: Day of the Crazy Old Uncle and the War on Wheels

No one turns up at 9… no one turns up at 9:30 either… so much for the “yess yess”. SS decides to call Crazy Uncle X

SS: “Hi, this is SS, I spoke with you yesterday about the class from today”

Crazy Uncle X: ( Guess what…) “Yess Yess”

SS: “Ermmm…. nobody has come yet, is anybody coming”?

Crazy Uncle X: “Yess yess”

SS: “When?”

Crazy Uncle X: “10 min madam”

SS: “Okay…”

10:30… no body has turned up yet. SS calls again

SS: “Yess Yess.. I spoke with you about an hour back”

Crazy Uncle X: “Yess Yess… madam driver cannot come… 5:30 is fine?”

SS : “Yess Yess, Any time is fine now. Please just send him”

At 5:30 SS spots the ABC  trainer car, with a cranky and strict looking old man inside.  Crazy Uncle X has wild gray hair and moustache.. is slim built… is wearing  grey corduray trousers, a full sleeve shirt and a half sleeve sweater. SS thinks to herself.. looks decent… much better dressed than driving school instructors. 

Turns out.. the guy is MAD… he is the manager of the place.. and has sensed that this murga is getting angstsy and readying to flee, and so has come personally to “Seal the deal”. He is also very proudly… giving me a token “free of charge” class.

Next scene… WAR at the steering wheel.. Crazy Uncle X is pulling the steering wheel it in one direction… SS is pulling it in the other… SS releases clutch.. but someone has  a foot on it.  SS doesn’t brake, but the car brakes and restarts.  It is virtually like there is a ghost in the car. No it isn’t… its only CUX ( Crazy Uncle X)!! He has been ghost driving the car all this while, while SS is sitting at the wheel looking all self important!

Fifteen minutes into this “lesson”.. and SS  is tired.  She lets the CUX drive sitting in the passenger seat next to her.  Crazy Uncle X drives like a maniac across busy junctions, straining his body to hold the steering wheel from the passenger side, presses and releases clutches and breaks at will.. with now an equally crazy SS pressing the acceleration at will!!!  Finally after a rocking car ride… (hopefully for him as well..) he hurriedly collects the advance, and leaves without receipt.


And so the tryst with becoming “Independant” continues!

Obviously will keep you guys updated on more! Till then, pray that I know my brakes from the accelator and don’t dabao the clutch on speedbreakers! Btw, don’t you think B’lore has too many of them??

PS: Also H is out of town on work… so I want to be flaunting my skills when he is back. Maybe we need to find something else to fight about! (Smiles wickedly.. and starts walking away towards the  car)