What do you do when your best friend of 11 years pings you and tells you that she is moving out of the country for the next 1 – 2 years…

Are you happy? For the exciting new world she is stepping into?.. for the experiences she will have, the people she will meet, the places she will see…

…or… are you sad? Because you will probably never ever be in the same boat together again. She will not be online for you to share your silly thoughts… she will never be close enough to visit on a long weekend, and going forward, both of your lives will change, and go along divergent paths?

Actually.. you will be both… and both unsuccessfully… 😦

N and I. Best friends. Sisters.. more like it. Connected at the heart. Always together.

N and I go back a long way… 11 years! We met for the first time on the 3rd or 4th day of college and from then, there was no stopping us.  We had so much in common… the things we laughed about, the things that bothered us, our dreams about life, our friends, our teachers, our subjects…from what we did in class, to what we did out of it.

Most of all… our conversations… yes.. 🙂  those lovely conversations… starting from the days when we were standing on the bus stop waiting for the DTC buses… in scorching Delhi heat. We’d get so engrossed in our talks, that we were ready to brave more heat and give buses a miss, one after the other, so that we could just talk… to now.. when we ping each other almost each day… sharing mundanities of our world.  We always had access to each other, in person… over phone, over smses… over Gtalk. No matter what was going on in our lives…  We never let go…We went from being on the same path to being on parallel paths…but there was always a link… we were always in our “phases” together. 

We went through further studies, through our love lives, through marriage almost in sync.. with similar hopes and fears and dreams… showing each other the sunshiny side of things when the other was in the pits.. I had always felt that we would be “growing old together’… with me a wild and whacky mausi to her sensible kids and she a sensible mausi to my wild set.

Somehow… after a long time, I feel like we are not in sync… not on parallel paths… but on diverging ones. I have a feeling that the coming 1-2 years will change us an awful lot. She is still a new bride…with a life full of possibilities, and excitement… and I have a headstart on her with marriage.. and will be on the threshold of starting a family. We will have different priorities…. will be feeling different things… and both of us will be taking such huge steps… that we will change as people.

I hate how we just cannot take certain things for granted anymore… Like life long friendship…like being in each others thoughts… like being able to reach people…. like knowing that I will not have to pack my bags and leave for a new country tommorrow, like a regular job… where I go, do my work, without a thought of yesterday or tomorrow.

Today..I see no sense in planning because we are living in a world which is ever changing.

I see no meaning of “forever” 😦

PS: N, I wish you all the very very best on this new and exciting journey that you are embarking on. You are a lovely person and you truly truly deserve the best 🙂  Don’t think about this post much.. its most probably the hormones!  I know that we will try our best to always be in sync. Please start a blog! Please!  ( ya, I know that you know that I was going to say this 😀 )

Lots of Hugs and lots of more hugs

…and bear hugs

…and crazy.. “let’s rock it till we are 80′ dancing hugs

I love you!