This is not going to be a narrative post.

…And that is because this 6:30 waking up thing has made life such a blur:-/ Seriously! For the past 5-6 days… I haven’t had the satisfaction of sleeping well.  Somehow, life has become exciting enough for me not to sleep before 11 pm…. and then I jump start my day at 5:45 am! And so I’m just not getting enough sleep… and everyday I say to myself that I will hit the pillow by 10.. but it is not to be…

The result of this blur of activity has been that I have been having Monday morning blues for the entire week ! (:D ) And you thought it was only about Mondays… didya?

So anyways… I reach office… and then a strong shot of caffeine later… I begin to wake up little by little, and by the time I wake up enough to post something… it is lunch time… and then I start going to sleep little by little….. and then one more strong shot of caffeeine, later… I gear up again… only to realise that it is time to go back home.

(…I’m rambling…)

So anyways…back to updates on driving. The driving is proceeding fine… and the highlights of this week have been…

1. Being stranded on the BIG Bad Road (Remember?) with no fuel… and slowly (S-L-O-W-L-Y)… driving the car alone… while the instructor made a dash for the nearest petrol pump.

2. Hitting the clutch at every possible oppurtunity…. I don’t understand why I do that… Its a strange impulse… I don’t know how my brain got programmed that way about the clutch… its really strange.

3. Being told by Cocky Driver… “Madam… steering ko phool ki tarah pakdo” .. if there ever was a vacany for a poetic driving instructor… then this guy would surely qualify 🙂

4. Cocky Driver not coming for 3-4 days in between. He was supposedly out of town… Ofcourse he didn’t think it was worth his while to tell me…. and ofcourse I woke up at 5:45 each day :-/

5. I got my Learner’s License.(yay!) 🙂

I also saw some movies.. and went on a day trip… and felt philosophical about some things while I wasn’t posting…I will write more… but after a caffeine shot! 😀 😀

Btw.. if I’ve got you curious… you could also go and read Part I and Part II of my Driving Stories