No.. this one is not about me baring all and daring all about my various passwords.. 😀

It is about my uncanny ability to forget passwords…. and an even more amazing ability to remember them when I have successfully locked out all my accounts!

The Internet is to be blamed for all this password menace. Before the Internet came into our lives, the only password we ever needed was to open the door to the cave of the 40 thieves of the “Ali Baba and 40 thieves” fame…. and that password was no great shakes either… “Khul jaa sim sim”.. or “Open sesame”… and lo and behold… the world of treasures opened up… glittering and gleaming, dazzling and blinding!

One password was good enough…

… not now…

I have a password for the blog

…and a password for my twitter account

…and passwords for my 4-5 email ids

…and a password to unlock my computer

…and password to log int my company network

…and passwords for various banking sites

…and passwords to pay mobile bills

…and broadband bills

…and to book tickets to the movies

… or the Indian Railway…

…or to frequent flier programs..

… and suitcases

…and telephones (!!)

…and social networking sites

…and weight loss sites 😦

….(remember any more)

And how creative can one really get with passwords?? Or repetitive or innovative… I tend to engage all my crazy thoughts while I change a password… and so it is obvious that my passwords are so out of the world.. .that I cannot remember them at all when I need to

…and then I try and try… but lock all my accounts…

…and the much later ( when it is of no use ) .. I have “Eureka” moments where all remember all my passwords to the tiniest detail of the last alpha numeric character!

A few more passwords… and you will have me locked out of my own blog.. I’m telling!

There has to be a novel, ingenuous and yet “secret” enough way of remembering them! What do you guys do? Or am I so stressed out that I need special treatment??

Tell me people… is it equally difficult for you??? (Please say yes!)