Woke up this morning… logged into WordPress and what do we see??? The total no. of visits have gone up to 1021! Yes… that many visits! I wasn’t expecting that too happen till next week… so  YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!

Its an importance milestone on this blog……a 1000+ visits! I’m sitting in my chair.. beaming away, looking a little stupid. I’m smiling so much that if anyone came over right now… I’d look like the picture of a really content employee  (Which I certainly am not… you know right??)

When I started blogging… I wasn’t really sure of how this blog would turn out… would it be interesting, or funny or insightful.  I knew I wanted to write… and I wanted to make friends 🙂 And you know what, I’m beginning to like it here. I feel involved, and I really do understand now what it is to have friends whom you would probably never have seen but feel so much for!

Am sooper excited that some of you come over and read the stuff I’ve been writing 🙂 And hopefully some of you come back too ! 😀 

Thank you all so much for making me feel welcome…. for entertaining comments by me, an arbit stranger as she struggled with her bearings 🙂 Thanks for listening to my rants, and raves, the funnies, and the funniers.  Thanks for being there… and thanks for commenting (it keeps my morale up! because I don’t always trust the numbers … which is an irony cause we are celebrating my 1000 visitors, aren’t we?… 😀 )

How about some Cake to celebrate???  Blackforest? Chocolate Fantasy?? Ok… here goes…

And how about some wine??? 

Cheerios… .teh… Chak de phatte people! Looking forward to the next 9000 visits to the next milestone 🙂 Keep the faith… laugh more, worry less and generally have a blast!