Thanks a lot for all your inputs guys.  Everything made a lot of sense… we guys (the H and I) did sit down and talk about things 🙂 Our expectations, wishes and aspirations, and it did help sort out matters.

I have asked to be staffed on the assignment post our vacation ( did I tell you guys… we are going on a vacation in April! North East of India 🙂 ) . So I wait to see if the other concerned people are okay with this… coz they would’ve liked me to have taken this up March end.  So lets see how that goes. Needless to add… you guys will know! 🙂

On a different note..It looks like its Travel Time in the Sunshine Home ( loved calling it that 🙂 ) H has been asked to travel too! To Europe.  I am gung ho about it… but of course it is his decision to make. 

And on another totally different note ( I’m short of ideas!) I had a totally totally boring weekend!  Ever felt so bored that you’re head ached? Happened to me.  Despite everything I tried! 

I tried…

1. Two new recipes : Granola Bars and Five Minute microwave cake.  Both successes if I may add  (ahem!)

2. I set every thing worthy of being set in order… in order

3. We went out for dinner

4. I watched 4 movies on TV

5.. and I slept….

6. .. and read … ” My name is Rajnikanat”.. about who else… Rajni saar himself :p

and yet I was bored. B-O-R-E-D!

Its so strange with human nature. We continuously want a change in pace. I normally love my “Me” time. I love watching old Hindi movies, love trying out new dishes, love reading, love cleaning up the house! ( am I sounding too domesticated??) and yet.. this weekend.. all that time was just too much! Infact, I think I like weekdays better than weekends 😀

Again… another strange thing with me is… that I normally love phonecalls… but then there are days… that I can’t stand the phone ringing!

And then there are days I love chatting on messaging clients… and then there are days… that I grudge every single person who pings me.

And then there are days I love travel.. and days I hate it.

Am sure everybody has these phases 🙂 Or maybe am special :p Do you guys have any such phases…? Care to share?