Hello everyone!

Sorry for the really really long absence… I had honestly meant to be back after my vacations and write one big fat post with snaps and memories and pointers and all, but everything just took a whirlwind type of turn and I was kinda lost with all that was happening and blogging took a backseat

…please stop sulking and please forgive me (…. best “sweet girl smile” I can muster 🙂 )

So to begin at the beginning… this is roughly what has kept me away…

1. The Pune Trip (You guys know about this one)

2. The Assam Trip (….and you know about this one too)

3. Then we got a new Team Lead….. a lady. You will get to read about her in future posts but for now… I think it would suffice to say, that she is forty, damn good looking, unmarried, and PROFESSIONAL.  Ofcourse these are first impressions 🙂 but they impressed me.  The fact that she is fit, the fact that she doesn’t idle away time, the fact that “winds of change” are sweeping through our team since her arrival and the fact, that I would have to polish up my act! 😀

So I spent too weeks trying to be professional too. So no blogging from office, and no idling away time… and taking my work seriously…. and trying to make over my image  ( appearances to perception to knowledge). I guess I felt challenged after a long time. And working and not dwindling away precious time…. felt good.  And so I went with the flow… and only worked and worked… and got serious about my professional life for 2 -3 weeks.

4. And after that we got news about an emergency surgery MIL had to go through and so we were in Delhi for a couple of weeks with them. The surgery was a little complicated, due to MIL’s medical history… but Aal Izz Well now 🙂

And so I am back! 🙂

Other than that, the regular news from our side ( H says “Hi” by the way.. ) is that we are going through another serious of thoughts about self improvement, about future planning and the random stuff that we keep bothering with… so H has in his list.. things like…. “I will watch more sports”… “I will get fit” and I have in mine, stuff like…. “Will spruce up the home even more”… “Will read more” … “and will socialise more” 

…ofcourse, now that I am back… you will get to read more in depth posts around all of these topics!

Oh… and I know a lot has happened with my bloggy friends since I was here last.. I have been reading you guys but haven’t been regular with commenting either ( 😦 )… so…

Congratulations on being in the family way again Sonia

And Dee,  hope your time away from the in laws is fun filled and that you guys are rocking B’lore!

Congrats to Parul and Devika on their babies 🙂

And all the rest of you…. missed ya’all! Will be re-stalking you guys again!