September 2010

Picture this…

SS (A long way off from home… in a remote corner of the world)

SS: I must call H… dunno how he is managing… poor guy… no proper food
(Calls H feeling extremely guilty and mushy)

H: Ithu Chennai Chennai superkings

SS: Hello… what happened…

H: Watching the match… talk to you later!

SS: (Change of tactics)

SS: Okay… Anyways I have to be going to… I have to meet Rajshekharan

H: Who is Rajshekharan??

SS: Nice guy… he’s coming over to the hotel room…we’ve got to discuss some things

H: He’s coming to the room??

SS: Yup

H:… Okkkaaaay…. (pause)

SS: Chalo then… cya…

H: No … no… talk to me….you didn’t even ask about my dinner…

SS: What happened to the match? You watch the match.. I’ll call up later…
( See the length of this conversation …. now! And this is after the “talk to you later”

SS: Rajshekharan and I will meet in the lobby… okay you idiot?

H: Uh… okay.. but why so late in the night?

SS: Urgent work.. he’s a funny guy (rubs it in)

H: Okkkkaaaaaay…. (longer pause). You still haven’t asked me about dinner

SS: What did you have for dinner?

H: I had Xyz… I love you

SS: Ya.. okay… ( dismissively yours… SS)

H: Okay???

SS: Sweetie.. did I tell you that there is no Rajshekharan! Go to sleep now! 😀

Men… men … men!

😀 😀 😀


I can’t believe I’ve been away so many days without thinking about the blog… especially since there are so many things I could have written about too.

Sunshine world is all sunshiny at this point in time.. I’m just back from a totally rockingly awesome weekend. We had friends over again from Mumbai and there was another friends wedding so over the weekend, we kinda met people from college and from PG and friends of friends and friends of those friends 🙂

I’ve got to see two wives of two friends I’ve never met before… and despite me being judgemental me about things like these… I liked them!

….maybe I’m mellowing down! (Damn!)

and becoming a good hostess maybe too!

We also savoured really good southie and northie food… and from that angle too.. life is bliss..

…and I didn’t even hate coming to office today morning!

Okay…. this is looking like a no – context post from a gushing brainless teenager. I know I have better things to say….

I mean.. world peace…. philosophy.. etc etc… except that you would probably have to wait for more of my well thought out type of posts to come… But in the meanwhile… this is just for an update …. and to keep the blogging tradition going

Take care you guys!

PS: Don’t really count on that post about philosophy.. world peace.. etc… okay?!?!