In keeping with the positivity that is spilling over from my last post… just feel like adding some lessons learnt and stuff that I would do differently.

(On a side note…. I hope some of you guys still come to visit my blog…. I know I went into hibernation… and obviously you guys don’t have all the time for me to spring back 🙂 but still keeping the fingers crossed! )

So hum kahaan the? Hum yahaan the…the things I would change

1. Okay I have discovered, through the keen observations of the lovely H ( who says guys can’t be addressed as lovely! :D) , and futile negations on my part… that I have a tendency to stretch the truth….a teeny weeny bit… And to adjust the truth… a teeny weeny bit too. Like once, we were to receive H’s mom at the airport and we were running …errr.. late…. and while we were still on our way, her flight landed, she came out of the terminal, and realised that there was no one to receive her… and she started calling.  We were still a good 30 mins away and here  I was reassuring her that we would be there in 15 mins! And while H is looking at me quizzically ( he has given me the estimate for 30 min.. just a min back) .. not to add, he is the one driving… 🙂 I continue to coolly reassure her… and then hang up.  I stretch the truth without even realising it at times… .and it is mostly to get out of a sticky situation / not offend anyone… the works. So, that has to stop in 2011. The mantra is … say it as it is…. And I’ve realised that is saves you from a lot of useless lies and explanations later, which further complicate things.

2. I’m going to stop being nice to people who don’t deserve niceness. Now, to start of with, I’m supposed to be one of those star signs that are the frank ” I don’t care if it hurts you, I’m being honest” types. But somewhere during my years of existence… I have picked up the fine art of trying not to hurt people. So I go out of my way to please people I don’t like, because I don’t want to hurt them. And it wearies me, and weighs my soul down. I would be happier exercising my option of associating with people I like.

3. At the same time, I have to learn to distinguish between random cribbing, and deep dislike. I need to become more tolerant of people…. less judgemental…. its a free world. We all have our eccentrities… but that doesn’t take away from the innate value we have as the people we are. And I have to understand and appreciate that more in the coming year. “Investing in people”

4. I have leave my chalta hai waala attitude at work. I have to be aware, alert, finish up stuff. Success and other things aside… I have realised that pending work again wears me down. I come to a point where I am not doing it.. but can’t stop thinking about it… and its a negative place to be in. It just eats up time and has no constructive outcomes. So its going to be all about “Do it now” for 2011

5. And one last thing… and this is the most difficult to achieve…. is to stop creating negativity. When we had moved to B’lore, I had promised myself that our house would be a positive and happy place. It is for most of the times but I do have a tendency to crib and sulk. This coming year… I will led go of this….  I will accept that certain things are ABCs( Areas Beyond Control) and not crib about them. I need to think in terms of solutions, rather than problems. So that is the last one on the list…. “Stop creating negativity”

Among these things.. the others are:

1. Eat out less often

2. Exercise more

3. Quality time with H

4. More books, more trips, more friends

What are yours? Started thinking of them yet?