February 2011

Every body I meet, progressively tells me that my “glow”… i.e. the glow on my face has reduced..

I was told this in Delhi 1 month back by some crazy idiot of a guy… who thot he could say it and get away with it… ( he did! I was too shocked to respond)

And I was told this 5 min back by “the Venkat”… the guy who adds a “the” before every word.. in a sentence… who in his supreme wiseness has advised me to drink lots of water and has spent the last 10 min boasting about his 50 inch lcd tv, his freezer and washing machine and his big bed (!!!)

( Like a traditional bharatiya naari and all that… I have at this point… slipped a reference to “the poor husband” back in India)

 I can’t believe the jokers I work with!

But going back to the glowing facts…. at the rate my glow is going away …and by virtue of the fact that I still feel that I’m somwhat “Glowy”… I’m feeling very “Halogen lamp”ish… I must have been really bright at some time…. but my glow is reducing..

((Sighs loudly))

What is with the world?!?!?


So.. the entire first month of 2011 has just gone by without a post. Not such a great start to the year in terms of blogging but well, here I am, back again 🙂

I’m currently travelling and away from home and so have so much more time on my hands! I wonder what I do with all this time when I’m home….  like I was thinking… now, as of this moment, I’m not worried if H is messing up the house… if he has picked up the newspapers strewn around… if the maid is coming … if there are veggies in the fridge! All I know is that its me, in my nice and cozy hotel room… with a great internet connection and a  lot of thoughts that are potential blog posts …

… and to start off… how about this…

We girls tend to start taking ourselves too seriously with each passing milestone in our lives… and if we were to remove ourselves from the situation… we realise that hey… its probably social conditioning!

Like me now, in this far off land… feel and behave and spend my time just that same way as I used too… when I was not married. I am not feeling very “married” right now…. I’m away from all things marriage 😀 starting with the lovely H :p and then the house, and the family and the expectations and etc etc.

But when I’m back… it will be back to being responsible for everything!

I think travelling is letting me preserve my individuality… my space. Its powerful in that with one flight…. I cross a mental age of around 5-6 years and find myself feeling much younger, much lighter.

If it is so easy to leave these responsibilities that come attached with the milestones in our life… I wander why we can’t seem to shake them off when we are “in” the situation?

I wonder..