Every body I meet, progressively tells me that my “glow”… i.e. the glow on my face has reduced..

I was told this in Delhi 1 month back by some crazy idiot of a guy… who thot he could say it and get away with it… ( he did! I was too shocked to respond)

And I was told this 5 min back by “the Venkat”… the guy who adds a “the” before every word.. in a sentence… who in his supreme wiseness has advised me to drink lots of water and has spent the last 10 min boasting about his 50 inch lcd tv, his freezer and washing machine and his big bed (!!!)

( Like a traditional bharatiya naari and all that… I have at this point… slipped a reference to “the poor husband” back in India)

 I can’t believe the jokers I work with!

But going back to the glowing facts…. at the rate my glow is going away …and by virtue of the fact that I still feel that I’m somwhat “Glowy”… I’m feeling very “Halogen lamp”ish… I must have been really bright at some time…. but my glow is reducing..

((Sighs loudly))

What is with the world?!?!?