H, when H is not being Funny

…. with a guy….

Who wakes up bright and early on a Sunday morning and fixes you breakfast.. dil se …

Who takes pictures of the moon… because you love looking at the moon, and when confronted… scoffs… “I was just experimenting with the camera”

Who wakes you up… and wakes you up… with a vengeance.. so that you can both go and catch sunrises… and sundry birds

Who covers up the boarded A/C duct, with a “painting” bought off the streets of CP, to make it aesthetically pleasing for you, on your first visit to his room

Who goes along with your brilliant sense of photography.. as you insist on taking pics of random cows

….and fish…

… and monkeys! Of the human type

and finally, who encourages you to sail into the horizon… but of course.. come back to him…. 🙂

You go and give the poor unsuspecting guy a BIG Hug to squeeze the air out of his lungs! And some more affectionate actions… not to be mentioned here 😉 And you leave him confused at this unexpected display of love from his always poised, sometimes  irritable wife 😀


… gives you sleepless nights!

Hindi films have set a context for us in the established behaviors one is supposed to exhibit when cupid strikes. Reams and reams have been written about “Raaton ki neend… dil ka chain… bekaraar dil” and all that. And as is the expectation from any avid Hindi movie viewer… such exclamations are to be taken with a pinch of salt…. Or so I thought…

Lately…in true film style, my raaton ki neend.. and man ka chain… and dil ka karaar have gone.  I wake up in the middle of the nights.. and frantically check my phone… I pace about our home in a manner that could put a seasoned actor to shame… and it is all got to do with love ofcourse BUT… more importantly… it has to to do with H working late in office.

Initially the prospect of  so much “me” time was was very welcome.  I secretly imagined all the wonderful things I would be able to do with the extra time on my hands….watch favorite serials without a potential threat of the remote being snatched every time… chat with friends, without him interrupting with his wisecracks,  sit on both the bean bags all at once… head on one and feet propped up on the other…. re watch and rewatch DDLJ or Lamhe without him circling the periphery of the room in exasperation and admiration at my diligence! ( 😛 )

After a few days.. I got suspicious… was it really work??? or was he out with his friends??? Hmmm… Such is human nature… it is perfectly fine if you are the one having fun while he works…. but no.. he cannot be doing tht… C’mon isn’t a man supposed to stand by his woman while she “battles” the world… sigh… but then.. they don’t make men like that anymore 😀 😀 😛 But  it turned out that it was Work. How I found out ?? He he he.. not telling… 😛 

…anyways.. the bottom line was.. .that he did have work.. and the poor dear was working for us.. so that we can have all the things we want.. ( sure I have my own income.. but come on.. I want to show off my hard working guy! Can’t a girl even do that on her own blog! 🙂 )

And so.. this is the scene at home nowadays…

9 pm:
SS – “When’s you getting home”
H – “Looks like 11”
SS – “Ok, waiting for you..”
SS… bides time watching TV till 11.

11 pm
SS – “Where are you?”
He – “Still in office.. might take till 12”
SS… “ok” , paces about…which the clock strikes 11:15, 11:30, 12:00…. (camera focuses on the wall clock like in the old black and white Hindi movies).. Falls asleep

2:15 am
SS – Wakes up suddenly and frantically searchs for her phone… “What happened, why aren’t you home yet??”
H – “Hey… sorry, the work’s got extended, will be in only by 4- ish”
SS – “4?!!”  F-O-U-R!!??!?! 

So as u can see… the films have been right after all!

Hubby and me watched the movie “Julie & Julia” last night. Watching an entire movie  is a record of sorts for me.  I have a track record of dozing off 20 minutes into any movie we are watching together 😀 … maybe it is something to do with his movie selection… hmm… maybe…. coz  once when we were watching ” Ugli aur Pagli”… I dozed of at least 4 times 🙂

Anyways.. back to the point. The movie was suggested by N. She and I have been the best of friends since ever and ever… we generally go through the same phases in life together. We’ve had our… “let’s bake bread at home” phase… our “We love butter” phase…. our…”Let’s sit in the balcony, cup of coffee in hand and watch the moon” phase. And so when she suggested this particular movie…obviously.. it had to be watch worthy. Incidently this one is a pretty recent movie…it released in 2009.. but then there were so many things going on in life in 2009 that movies weren’t really on the top of my mind . Hubby dearest downloaded it for me… despite the obviously women oriented theme, was sweet enough to sit through it 😀

I luuuurrrrvved the movie!!! Its exactly the kind of movie that appeals to me… women oriented… about one’s journey into one’s one heart… about the past and the present… and about Cooking! J&J  chronicles the lives two women ( Julie and Julia.. obviously)…  both of who are somewhat directionless in life and then discover their love for cooking… and find a life around this love… Julia, ( of Julia Child the famous cookery book writer) picks up a course on French cooking, works her way through the recipes… and finally manages to write a book around it… and Julie.. picks up a blog, and takes up the challenge of working through all the recipes in Ms Julia Childs book, during the course of which… she thinks she will find something in her life that she is missing.  The movie travels back and forth in time, between then ( of Julia Child) and now.. ( of Julie (Powell) methinks) and compares the women during similar stages in their lives.

There are so many facets to it that I can relate to… Like I love shopping for food, in the same way as I love shopping for clothes, like both these women..leave me in the food section of a mall, and you have lost me. I wander around marvelling the sauces, the types of pasta.. the breads, the exotic fruits and vegetables.. 🙂 

Also we three of us share the love of butter and chocolate and baking!…  And recently… the joy in writing 🙂  You could go and watch the movie. It is pleasant.. frothy.. and sweet… nothing hallmark.. but good for a one time watch.

H has a new found love….Kanti Shah movies…..and to be specific, the movie Gunda. What is it about the movie that would appeal to any sensible human being is simply beyond me! 😀  Of late, this movie has witnessed so many screenings in our home, that I too have the dialogues memorized. And I can identify the primary characters, Bulla, Ibu Hatela (yes.. that is a name! 🙂 ) Lambu Aata (yes.. that too!!!)and the likes. 

This is how it began….

As is typical with H… I find him sitting on his laptop and laughing away to glory and nodding in obvious enjoyment. The reason for such joyous outbursts happens to be this movie that his boss can’t seem to stop raving about, and has thus piqued the Mr’s curiosity. 

After having been watched and rewatched on YouTube, the movie is deemed worthy as download material.  Movie is downloaded.

Some friends drop over. Hubby is all praise for Kanti Shah, and admits to having some of his treasures.. a movie by the name Gunda. Movie is showcased after much fanfare to his select set of friends…D and A. I expect some sense to prevail. But that is not to be…the next I see is the same familiar scene.  They are all engrossed ( yes that is the word! ENGROSSED) watching scenes from the movie and grinning from ear to ear  in appreciation.  And I know what is coming next….

and it is….

Day 12, Day 22, and Day(stopped counting): With such positive feedback from his friends, the status and value of the movie is elevated. Another get together with friends (same set as earlier dates and a few additions),  same laptop, same setting, same appreciative glances and grins. Guffaws and chuckles.

Any  Guesses?  They are ALL watching Gunda again!!! Men… Men… Men <sigh> 🙂

I have concluded something from these experiences. Men definitely have lower IQ levels than women ( Feminist in me, sits proud and preens). What do you find them laughing at? Pee pee and poopie jokes, Mithunda “Cult” movies, 3 Idiot type pottie and bum flashing scenes!  And then they go on to become CxOs, and VPs and Partners! And we women face the glass ceiling despite our (ahem!) obvious intelligence and sensibility! 😀

 Oh and by the way, you can read this funny piece about Gunda as a Case Study at IIM-A.  Maybe now I understand why!!

Talking of the funnies, found this really funny (as in really really funny) video from some movie on YouTube. It’s called “The worst dance ever”… and rightly so! Check it out! Poor guy, I’m sure it’s a frame up!

I’ve been thinking of this question a lot lately. I am the sort of person, who likes to dream about things. And nowadays I have been building castles in the air about what I’d want “home” to mean for me. And then I think of what I want from my home, this is the answer.

I want a happy home.

And so the post.

I want H and I to build a friendly, welcoming, comfortable, sunshiny home. I want it to be a positive place that recharges us, instead of draining out our energies. Lately, I’ve been thinking of how to go about doing this? How do I ensure that our house radiates positivity? And when I start thinking in this direction, I automatically think of vibes.

All houses radiate emotions. Happiness, sadness, peace, anger, love. I feel that they hit you, even before you lay your eyes on the interiors, or the color scheme or the furniture. I’ve stayed in a number of house till date, and I have experienced all these vibes. My parent’s place, exudes peaceful, comforting vibes. I go home, and suddenly, all the noise in my head goes quiet. Even if there is no one at home, I still feel the stillness, the calmness around me. I think, that comes from the kind of people my parents are. Calm, at peace, and content. My place in Pune had happy vibes. It was disorganised, and chaotic, with four talkative girls in it, but still, it was a pleasant place, a place of many giggles, and stories. I’d think of home, and I’d link it to smiles, to a positive welcoming feeling.

What are these vibes? It’s difficult to explain. They are not really body language, though body language helps in our understanding of vibes, and it is not really intuition, because intuition is always futuristic. It is our “sensing” of our environment, and is linked more with thoughts. And I have realized, that it is good to go with one’s instincts about vibes.

Happy vibes make a happy home. And only a happy person makes happy vibes. So the next natural question is… What makes us happy? 🙂

Happiness.. it’s all about perspective, really. Happiness has its roots in Self Image. And that is where it gets all tricky. We are only as happy as we want to be. Some emotions are reactive emotions, and some are proactive emotions. For example, getting angry is a reactive emotion. You cannot be angry for no reason… the reasons are there, overt, or covert. But I think, one can be happy reactively… or proactively. One can be in situations that give one pleasure and joy, but at the same time… one can opt to look at normal things and find happiness in them.

I am happy that I have a laptop that I can type away on, endlessly, and take, wherever I want to. There… how difficult was that?

But like I said, you need to have a positive self image as well as positive conditions to grow happiness in your home. And this is what.. and entire day of thought has yielded. Something so simple!

So how does one improve the family’s self image?

1. Opinions get heard, and respected

2. One tries to give and take positive strokes, “I’m OK, you’re OK”.

3. Disputes are handled with fairness and communication.

4. There is support and understanding

5. There is a lot of affirmation, and confirmation of care, love, affection.

6. The truth is spoken, and there is transparency

And dear H, this is how I want us to be, with each other, and with our children.

And the second and equally important thing is: –

1. To celebrate life. To seek happiness and joy, in little things, to remind ourselves, and each other of how great, how beautiful things are.

2. To live in the present, and prepare for the future.

3. To create situations of happiness for each other

Would you like to add to the list?