Important Milestones

The last few days of the year have a way of stirring up all sorts of philosophical questions that beg to be answered. And in keeping with the theme of things, I find myself getting introspective, philosophical… and perpetually in flashback mode

This has really not been a great year for me. Things started on a hopeful note with Jan. With lists, with to – dos… with plans… but somehow, the year hasn’t panned out like I thought.  In a way I am relieved that this year is almost over… I might just be speaking too soon …

I’ve had to deal with a lady boss. I person I have no respect for. And a person I’d be extremely cool to, if I might her outside office.  She pretty much made my 8 hours of work feel really really long… took away all my enthusiasm about my office being a great, fun place and gave me unnecessary work to complete her own KPIs. Not to mention other stuff that I’ve ranted about enough.

Things at the personal front haven’t really worked either, with mom and MIL both going for surgeries… with my own problems with the baby planning and all.

I have also felt at some level exasperated with all the work outside of office that I have had to handle. The home, the maids, the errands…

And then I have been frequently sick and blah and blah and blah

Almost feels like kisi ki nazar lag gayi thi. I feel bruised somehow. But I’m nursing myself back to health!

To be fair… its not all been gloomy either…. we have still had our share of fun, thanks to our awesome friends. I know that very few of them read this blog and don’t even know that I am talking about them… but thank you guys… all of you, for taking our minds off all the nonsense that has been going around us… for being sounding boards.. .and party freaks… and funny … and silly… for bringing sunshine into our hearts and home. Everyone had troubles…but we handheld each other through them…we love you. 🙂

And I think I have derived the maximum support from my parents. To lighten up heavy moments, to bring a sense of perspective when it went missing, for cheering me up, for listening to my cribbing, for sending us things all the way from Delhi, and for prayers and blessing

Okay, now I’m feeling a leeetle cheered up… there are some good things that happened too!

1. I lost weight 🙂

2. We went on trips – Assam, Pune, South of India

3. More of our friends moved to B’lore

4. We bought some material goods

5. I learnt how to drive

6. And despite all the bloddy obstacles, I have completed my KRAs and KPIs. 

Hope that 2011 may be a beautiful, happy, sunshiny, sparkly year for all of us 🙂


Woke up this morning… logged into WordPress and what do we see??? The total no. of visits have gone up to 1021! Yes… that many visits! I wasn’t expecting that too happen till next week… so  YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!

Its an importance milestone on this blog……a 1000+ visits! I’m sitting in my chair.. beaming away, looking a little stupid. I’m smiling so much that if anyone came over right now… I’d look like the picture of a really content employee  (Which I certainly am not… you know right??)

When I started blogging… I wasn’t really sure of how this blog would turn out… would it be interesting, or funny or insightful.  I knew I wanted to write… and I wanted to make friends 🙂 And you know what, I’m beginning to like it here. I feel involved, and I really do understand now what it is to have friends whom you would probably never have seen but feel so much for!

Am sooper excited that some of you come over and read the stuff I’ve been writing 🙂 And hopefully some of you come back too ! 😀 

Thank you all so much for making me feel welcome…. for entertaining comments by me, an arbit stranger as she struggled with her bearings 🙂 Thanks for listening to my rants, and raves, the funnies, and the funniers.  Thanks for being there… and thanks for commenting (it keeps my morale up! because I don’t always trust the numbers … which is an irony cause we are celebrating my 1000 visitors, aren’t we?… 😀 )

How about some Cake to celebrate???  Blackforest? Chocolate Fantasy?? Ok… here goes…

And how about some wine??? 

Cheerios… .teh… Chak de phatte people! Looking forward to the next 9000 visits to the next milestone 🙂 Keep the faith… laugh more, worry less and generally have a blast!