'Love'ly posts

Picture this…

SS (A long way off from home… in a remote corner of the world)

SS: I must call H… dunno how he is managing… poor guy… no proper food
(Calls H feeling extremely guilty and mushy)

H: Ithu Chennai Chennai superkings

SS: Hello… what happened…

H: Watching the match… talk to you later!

SS: (Change of tactics)

SS: Okay… Anyways I have to be going to… I have to meet Rajshekharan

H: Who is Rajshekharan??

SS: Nice guy… he’s coming over to the hotel room…we’ve got to discuss some things

H: He’s coming to the room??

SS: Yup

H:… Okkkaaaay…. (pause)

SS: Chalo then… cya…

H: No … no… talk to me….you didn’t even ask about my dinner…

SS: What happened to the match? You watch the match.. I’ll call up later…
( See the length of this conversation …. now! And this is after the “talk to you later”

SS: Rajshekharan and I will meet in the lobby… okay you idiot?

H: Uh… okay.. but why so late in the night?

SS: Urgent work.. he’s a funny guy (rubs it in)

H: Okkkkaaaaaay…. (longer pause). You still haven’t asked me about dinner

SS: What did you have for dinner?

H: I had Xyz… I love you

SS: Ya.. okay… ( dismissively yours… SS)

H: Okay???

SS: Sweetie.. did I tell you that there is no Rajshekharan! Go to sleep now! 😀

Men… men … men!

😀 😀 😀


Before anything else… “Happy Holi!”

Hope you guys had a great time and went all out with the colors and the water balloons and the works 🙂

We did do the customary gulal bit, that was as much as there was to it… both of us had office… and so the day passed as normally as any other

On the weekend though, some things happened with some of my friends and their trysts with Luuuurrrve and finding their special someones and some of that happened at our place. And so this is what I offer as my Holi post 😀

So my friend S come over to stay with us. She’s a lively, easy going soul, and chirpy and totally not conscious or concerned about the ways of the world. Naturally, whenever she comes over, we have a blast. It’s like we go back to being unencumbered teenagers, throwing things at each other, singing and talking loudly, having passionate discussions about new ideas that are far out from our own lives. It is refreshing and lots of fun.

H has a friend D. D is genuine, sincere, self conscious. He is very aware of the world… too aware me thinks… and I don’t think he is really comfortable with the fact that “the world is watching”

Now… both D and S are in their individual capacities, looking for love and companionship. And in a case of opposites attract, I have a strong feeling that D likes S…

We love both of them, and are equally protective and concerned about both of these amazing people, but H and me are poles apart in thinking of what needs to be done in the situation. H wants to take every opportunity to throw them together, give them a lot of time “on their own” by suspiciously vanishing from the scene, and generally drops obvious hints. I on the other hand, am treading cautiously. I kinda have an idea of what S wants in a guy.. and I know that D will be heart broken if he pursues this any longer. I also know that D is getting increasingly fond of S. And S, by her own admission too, is not at all interested in anything more than being friends!

So H and I have been discussing and we came to a conclusion that we would hence forth not egg anyone on! But the fact is that we love both of theirs company and so it is awesome when we all meet. Like this weekend…

This weekend again the two were thrown together for some extended time. Lunch and movie and car rides and coffee and dinner and the talking till late in the night. Ofcourse we did not connive to throw them together, and I don’t think any of the three of us ( S, H or me) gave any ‘encouraging’ signs to D. We all were together all the time. But again I saw D getting a little serious. Anytime S would say something about the profiles she has been looking at for marriage, I could see D listening intently. Whenever S said something about guys… D was defending it zealously. In the car, he’d play music to suit her tastes… the entire jing bang you know…

… so… I am worried!  

What do you think I should do?

I have these options

1. Do nothing. I have dropped obvious enough hints and now me interfering any which way will amount to meddling

2. Keep dropping hints to D

3. Not arrange get-togethers for some time involving the both of them.

What do you say? Should I pitch in?

…. with a guy….

Who wakes up bright and early on a Sunday morning and fixes you breakfast.. dil se …

Who takes pictures of the moon… because you love looking at the moon, and when confronted… scoffs… “I was just experimenting with the camera”

Who wakes you up… and wakes you up… with a vengeance.. so that you can both go and catch sunrises… and sundry birds

Who covers up the boarded A/C duct, with a “painting” bought off the streets of CP, to make it aesthetically pleasing for you, on your first visit to his room

Who goes along with your brilliant sense of photography.. as you insist on taking pics of random cows

….and fish…

… and monkeys! Of the human type

and finally, who encourages you to sail into the horizon… but of course.. come back to him…. 🙂

You go and give the poor unsuspecting guy a BIG Hug to squeeze the air out of his lungs! And some more affectionate actions… not to be mentioned here 😉 And you leave him confused at this unexpected display of love from his always poised, sometimes  irritable wife 😀

… gives you sleepless nights!

Hindi films have set a context for us in the established behaviors one is supposed to exhibit when cupid strikes. Reams and reams have been written about “Raaton ki neend… dil ka chain… bekaraar dil” and all that. And as is the expectation from any avid Hindi movie viewer… such exclamations are to be taken with a pinch of salt…. Or so I thought…

Lately…in true film style, my raaton ki neend.. and man ka chain… and dil ka karaar have gone.  I wake up in the middle of the nights.. and frantically check my phone… I pace about our home in a manner that could put a seasoned actor to shame… and it is all got to do with love ofcourse BUT… more importantly… it has to to do with H working late in office.

Initially the prospect of  so much “me” time was was very welcome.  I secretly imagined all the wonderful things I would be able to do with the extra time on my hands….watch favorite serials without a potential threat of the remote being snatched every time… chat with friends, without him interrupting with his wisecracks,  sit on both the bean bags all at once… head on one and feet propped up on the other…. re watch and rewatch DDLJ or Lamhe without him circling the periphery of the room in exasperation and admiration at my diligence! ( 😛 )

After a few days.. I got suspicious… was it really work??? or was he out with his friends??? Hmmm… Such is human nature… it is perfectly fine if you are the one having fun while he works…. but no.. he cannot be doing tht… C’mon isn’t a man supposed to stand by his woman while she “battles” the world… sigh… but then.. they don’t make men like that anymore 😀 😀 😛 But  it turned out that it was Work. How I found out ?? He he he.. not telling… 😛 

…anyways.. the bottom line was.. .that he did have work.. and the poor dear was working for us.. so that we can have all the things we want.. ( sure I have my own income.. but come on.. I want to show off my hard working guy! Can’t a girl even do that on her own blog! 🙂 )

And so.. this is the scene at home nowadays…

9 pm:
SS – “When’s you getting home”
H – “Looks like 11”
SS – “Ok, waiting for you..”
SS… bides time watching TV till 11.

11 pm
SS – “Where are you?”
He – “Still in office.. might take till 12”
SS… “ok” , paces about…which the clock strikes 11:15, 11:30, 12:00…. (camera focuses on the wall clock like in the old black and white Hindi movies).. Falls asleep

2:15 am
SS – Wakes up suddenly and frantically searchs for her phone… “What happened, why aren’t you home yet??”
H – “Hey… sorry, the work’s got extended, will be in only by 4- ish”
SS – “4?!!”  F-O-U-R!!??!?! 

So as u can see… the films have been right after all!