My reviews of various things

… and Ishiqiya wins! ūüôā

We did back to back movies this weekend…10 am Ishiqiya and 3 pm MNIK, with a leisurely lunch and a leisurely walk down MG road thrown in between (Oh¬†btw..¬†B’lore does have a summer season!, and yessir, it is QUITE hot)

But before the reviews, rants and raves… just a quick ‘aside’ to mention H’s idiosyn’crazies’.¬† One¬†more topics of our weekly weekly fights ūüėÄ

H has a tendency to take his time with all the things that he can take his time with…. so much.. that he sometimes behaves like the Ishaan Awasthi ( fro Taare Zaameen Pe.. remember?).¬†¬† He has the capability of slipping into his “drift mode” without notice. We will be completely rushed while going someplace… and I will be frantically locking doors and checking lights and fans… and what does the dear ‘ol guy do…. he takes that five minute to check Facebook… and if I get irritated or we get late… ofcourse it was all my fault… cause he was all dressed and ready to go… and “I” got everyone late… which is irksome… coz its always “I” who is locking/checking/switching off/closing/searching for things..! OBVIOUSLY ūüėÄ

And then… if I ever… ever tell him to take care of things, while I take my time getting dressed up….and if we get late… then obviously again… I am at fault. The man drifts around, and refuses to multitask… or to pace up or pace down depending on the situation…. and I get the blame.¬†Ishaan Avasthi… not a doubt… and to add to that the guy has mastered the art of guilt tripping me! ( Help! peepal…!) And so as the story goes.. I lose my temper… we fight…. we make up… and the cycle repeats each time we go out anywhere.

And then… to add to my misery… H also expects me to ‘dress up’… Now I’m a regular jeans -Tshirt -sneakers sorts. No matching the earrings to the fancy girlie tops types. I would like to dress up in my own time… but who does it with all so much responsiblities of the locks and the switches hanging on their heads… And I think it is time to get H to understand.

….so sneaky me has thought of a plan. I am hencforth going to start getting dressed before he does, comment on how he dresses after we leave the house and he can do nothing about it, get him to take responsibility of the locks and the like… and just behave like a pretty “I’m so confused and helpless” bimbo for some days.. and watch the fun…

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned… I say!

…and that incidently is also ze topic of the movie Ishiqiya…. and which incidently.. is why… I ze loves it!

Ishiqiya is a fresh movie,¬† its stylized, and raunchy, and yet honest. The best thing about it is that it is not over the top, in how it portrays emotions, it is not cliched¬† and has enough interesting episodes to keep you glued.¬† And though I’ve heard lots about how it ends… I actually liked that it ended the way it did (No plot spoiler here!) I recommend!

As for MNIK. Its typical KJo fare. The things that make you laugh.. the things that make you cry…. infact… I have a sneaky suspicions that this is a formula that he has evolved… If you make the audience laugh and cry enough times… they love you. (Sadism!). The plot was not great shakes…. but do watch it for SRK. This is one of the few movies where the man has actually acted.¬† Kajol looks like a million bucks! What is it about married women who have kids… they just get prettier and prettier!

Now… both are watchable, though¬†maybe not twice! But if I had to choose between the two… I would definitely recommend Ishiqiya.

Its a pity that its being taken off most of the theatres here in Bangalore, Do watch it while you can!


The source of this post is three “happenings” in my life this week.

Happening No. 1: We watched “Shallow Hal”

Happening No. 2: We watched our friend “Anonymous”¬†jump around like a monkey on matrimonial sites

Happening No. 3: I read this article

Now as a result of these three happenings… I got thinking. Are men really that superficial about what they look for in the opposite sex? And two, are women seriously that dissatisfied with their bodies? The “Anonymous” monkey friend also fits into this scheme as you will know in just a minute.

Shallow Hal: Plot Spoiler Ahead

¬†This is a movie about a guy, who is only attracted to the superficial attributes of¬† women, their body,¬† hair color, skin color, smile….¬†physical attributes, that is. As much as he tries, he is not able to see their inner beauty… whether they are kind, compassionate, caring, sensitive.. the works. As a result, no woman wants to go out with him ūüėÄ ( I say… serves him right!). And then one day he gets stuck in an elevator with a Life Guru.. who hypnotizes him to see the inner beauty.

Soon after Shallow Hal meets a pretty young girl ( Gweneth Paltrow) and starts going around with her. He is smitten and besotted and his friend cannot see why. Actually.. the girl is fat. But since SH has been hypnotized… he sees her as pretty… coz he is seeing who she is at heart.

After that it is the regular masala… hypnosis is snapped… guy realises that he loves fat girl… happy ending.

Anonymous Monkey Friend: 

This guy is seriously into getting married. He has registered on all matrimony sites and is found regularly “expressing his interest” on random profiles from the broadband in our home.¬†His criteria for selection for his bride….

… is not that she be sensible and intelligent

…is not that she be respectful and sincere..

…or that she has a sweet, agreeable nature..


… that she be slim…

…and pretty

…and fair…

It amuses me I tell you… when I hear him discuss all this¬†with H. Because H¬†fell in love with a “pleasantly plump” SS! ūüėÄ He is the last person who would have anything to do with how a person looks! It also irks me… because… if I were to rate Anonymous Monkey Friend on looks… I would give him a 3 on 10. And so I mutter about it.. under my breath… about how some people should get real in life!

But the sad thing is.. and that brings me to Happening No. 3…. that some poor sweet creature would still marry this guy…. and think the world of him… and realise that despite his shallow preferences in the opposite sex… he still is one of the more genuine guys she has met. She will learn to brush aside his quirks… and magnify his small victories and make a hero out of him.

…and¬†then¬†she might¬†get pregnant.. and lose her fab body… this sucker might start to eye other eye candy (even if it is only for the sake of eyeing!)…. while she waddles her way through life.. and labor… and kids. And then by the time he sees her for who she is… he would have made a cynic out of her… who wouldn’t care about how he feels… or maybe… he would have turned her into an insecure, nervous, gas bag… who will have learnt to see herself through her husband’s eyes.. as a¬†non attention worthy creature.

I say to all the guys…you say women have body image issues. Why will they not have body image issues? I know beauty is what brings about the initial attraction… but is it enough to sustain it? You as a guy make it amply clear that you are into superficial physical attributes… why won’t the woman get worried and try and look good for you? Why won’t she buy more cosmetics than books?

And you know what is sad… despite all then she will probably still love you the same…….even when¬†YOU go bald and potbellied.

What do you think? Would you agree with me?

Hubby and me watched the movie “Julie & Julia” last night.¬†Watching an¬†entire movie ¬†is a record of sorts for me.¬† I have a track record of dozing off 20 minutes into any movie we are watching together ūüėĬ†… maybe it is something to do with his movie selection… hmm… maybe…. coz¬† once when we were¬†watching ”¬†Ugli aur Pagli”… I dozed of at least 4 times ūüôā

Anyways.. back to the point. The movie was suggested by N. She¬†and¬†I have been the best of friends since ever and ever… we generally¬†go through the same phases in life together. We’ve had our… “let’s bake bread at home” phase… our “We love butter” phase…. our…”Let’s sit in the balcony, cup of coffee in hand and watch the moon” phase. And so when she suggested this¬†particular movie…obviously.. it had to be watch worthy. Incidently¬†this one¬†is a pretty recent movie…it released in 2009.. but then there were so many things going on in life in 2009 that movies weren’t really on the top of my¬†mind¬†. Hubby dearest downloaded it for me… despite the obviously women oriented theme, was sweet enough to sit through it ūüėÄ

I luuuurrrrvved the movie!!! Its exactly the kind of movie that appeals to me… women oriented… about one’s journey into one’s one heart… about the past and the present… and about Cooking! J&J ¬†chronicles the lives¬†two women ( Julie and Julia.. obviously)…¬†¬†both of who are somewhat directionless in life and then discover their love for cooking… and find a life around this love… Julia, ( of Julia Child the famous cookery book writer) picks up a¬†course on French cooking, works her way through the recipes… and finally manages to write a book around it… and Julie.. picks up a blog, and takes up the challenge of working through all the recipes in Ms Julia Childs book, during the course of which… she thinks she will find something in her life that she is missing.¬† The movie travels back and forth in time, between then ( of Julia Child) and now.. ( of Julie (Powell) methinks) and compares the women during similar stages in their lives.

There are so many facets to it that I can relate to… Like I love shopping for food, in the same way as I love shopping for clothes, like both these women..leave me in the food section of a mall, and you have lost me. I wander around marvelling the sauces, the types of pasta.. the breads, the exotic fruits and vegetables.. ūüôā¬†

Also we three of us share the love of butter and chocolate and baking!…¬† And recently… the joy in writing ūüôā¬†¬†You could go and watch the movie. It is¬†pleasant.. frothy.. and sweet… nothing hallmark.. but good for a one time watch.

H has a new found love….Kanti Shah movies…..and to be specific, the movie Gunda. What is it about the movie that would appeal to any sensible human being is simply beyond me! ūüėĬ† Of late, this movie has witnessed¬†so many screenings in our home, that I too have the dialogues memorized.¬†And I can identify¬†the primary characters, Bulla, Ibu¬†Hatela¬†(yes.. that is a name! ūüôā )¬†Lambu Aata¬†(yes.. that too!!!)and the likes.¬†

This is how it began….

As is typical with H… I find him sitting¬†on his laptop and laughing away to glory and nodding in obvious enjoyment. The reason for such joyous outbursts happens to be¬†this¬†movie that¬†his boss can’t seem to stop raving about, and¬†has¬†thus piqued the¬†Mr’s¬†curiosity.¬†

After having been watched and rewatched on YouTube, the movie is deemed worthy as download material.  Movie is downloaded.

Some friends drop over. Hubby is all praise for Kanti¬†Shah, and admits to having some of his treasures.. a movie by the name Gunda. Movie is showcased after much fanfare to his select set of friends…D and A. I expect some sense to prevail. But that is not to be…the next I see is the same familiar scene.¬† They are all engrossed ( yes that is the word! ENGROSSED)¬†watching scenes from¬†the movie¬†and grinning from ear to ear ¬†in appreciation.¬† And I know what is coming next….

and it is….

Day 12, Day 22, and Day(stopped counting): With such positive feedback from his friends, the status and value of the movie is elevated. Another get together with friends (same set as earlier dates and a few additions),  same laptop, same setting, same appreciative glances and grins. Guffaws and chuckles.

Any ¬†Guesses?¬† They are ALL watching Gunda again!!! Men‚Ķ Men‚Ķ Men <sigh> ūüôā

I have¬†concluded something from¬†these experiences.¬†Men definitely have lower IQ levels than women ( Feminist in me, sits proud and preens). What do you find them laughing at?¬†Pee pee and poopie¬†jokes, Mithunda¬†“Cult” movies,¬†3 Idiot type pottie¬†and¬†bum flashing scenes!¬†¬†And then they go on to become CxOs, and VPs¬†and Partners! And we women face the glass ceiling despite our (ahem!) obvious intelligence and sensibility! ūüėÄ

 Oh and by the way, you can read this funny piece about Gunda as a Case Study at IIM-A.  Maybe now I understand why!!

Talking of the funnies,¬†found this really funny (as in really really¬†funny) video from some movie on YouTube. It‚Äôs called ‚ÄúThe worst dance ever‚Ä̂Ķ and rightly so! Check it out! Poor guy, I’m sure it’s a frame up!