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Hi everyone!

Just popping on the blog to say that I know it has been a long time 🙂 Just been crazy busy with all the millions of KRAs and KPIs and all that…

Gimme some time… promise to be back with a nice long post about this and that and what not 🙂




I can’t believe I’ve been away so many days without thinking about the blog… especially since there are so many things I could have written about too.

Sunshine world is all sunshiny at this point in time.. I’m just back from a totally rockingly awesome weekend. We had friends over again from Mumbai and there was another friends wedding so over the weekend, we kinda met people from college and from PG and friends of friends and friends of those friends 🙂

I’ve got to see two wives of two friends I’ve never met before… and despite me being judgemental me about things like these… I liked them!

….maybe I’m mellowing down! (Damn!)

and becoming a good hostess maybe too!

We also savoured really good southie and northie food… and from that angle too.. life is bliss..

…and I didn’t even hate coming to office today morning!

Okay…. this is looking like a no – context post from a gushing brainless teenager. I know I have better things to say….

I mean.. world peace…. philosophy.. etc etc… except that you would probably have to wait for more of my well thought out type of posts to come… But in the meanwhile… this is just for an update …. and to keep the blogging tradition going

Take care you guys!

PS: Don’t really count on that post about philosophy.. world peace.. etc… okay?!?!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the really really long absence… I had honestly meant to be back after my vacations and write one big fat post with snaps and memories and pointers and all, but everything just took a whirlwind type of turn and I was kinda lost with all that was happening and blogging took a backseat

…please stop sulking and please forgive me (…. best “sweet girl smile” I can muster 🙂 )

So to begin at the beginning… this is roughly what has kept me away…

1. The Pune Trip (You guys know about this one)

2. The Assam Trip (….and you know about this one too)

3. Then we got a new Team Lead….. a lady. You will get to read about her in future posts but for now… I think it would suffice to say, that she is forty, damn good looking, unmarried, and PROFESSIONAL.  Ofcourse these are first impressions 🙂 but they impressed me.  The fact that she is fit, the fact that she doesn’t idle away time, the fact that “winds of change” are sweeping through our team since her arrival and the fact, that I would have to polish up my act! 😀

So I spent too weeks trying to be professional too. So no blogging from office, and no idling away time… and taking my work seriously…. and trying to make over my image  ( appearances to perception to knowledge). I guess I felt challenged after a long time. And working and not dwindling away precious time…. felt good.  And so I went with the flow… and only worked and worked… and got serious about my professional life for 2 -3 weeks.

4. And after that we got news about an emergency surgery MIL had to go through and so we were in Delhi for a couple of weeks with them. The surgery was a little complicated, due to MIL’s medical history… but Aal Izz Well now 🙂

And so I am back! 🙂

Other than that, the regular news from our side ( H says “Hi” by the way.. ) is that we are going through another serious of thoughts about self improvement, about future planning and the random stuff that we keep bothering with… so H has in his list.. things like…. “I will watch more sports”… “I will get fit” and I have in mine, stuff like…. “Will spruce up the home even more”… “Will read more” … “and will socialise more” 

…ofcourse, now that I am back… you will get to read more in depth posts around all of these topics!

Oh… and I know a lot has happened with my bloggy friends since I was here last.. I have been reading you guys but haven’t been regular with commenting either ( 😦 )… so…

Congratulations on being in the family way again Sonia

And Dee,  hope your time away from the in laws is fun filled and that you guys are rocking B’lore!

Congrats to Parul and Devika on their babies 🙂

And all the rest of you…. missed ya’all! Will be re-stalking you guys again!

No.. this one is not about me baring all and daring all about my various passwords.. 😀

It is about my uncanny ability to forget passwords…. and an even more amazing ability to remember them when I have successfully locked out all my accounts!

The Internet is to be blamed for all this password menace. Before the Internet came into our lives, the only password we ever needed was to open the door to the cave of the 40 thieves of the “Ali Baba and 40 thieves” fame…. and that password was no great shakes either… “Khul jaa sim sim”.. or “Open sesame”… and lo and behold… the world of treasures opened up… glittering and gleaming, dazzling and blinding!

One password was good enough…

… not now…

I have a password for the blog

…and a password for my twitter account

…and passwords for my 4-5 email ids

…and a password to unlock my computer

…and password to log int my company network

…and passwords for various banking sites

…and passwords to pay mobile bills

…and broadband bills

…and to book tickets to the movies

… or the Indian Railway…

…or to frequent flier programs..

… and suitcases

…and telephones (!!)

…and social networking sites

…and weight loss sites 😦

….(remember any more)

And how creative can one really get with passwords?? Or repetitive or innovative… I tend to engage all my crazy thoughts while I change a password… and so it is obvious that my passwords are so out of the world.. .that I cannot remember them at all when I need to

…and then I try and try… but lock all my accounts…

…and the much later ( when it is of no use ) .. I have “Eureka” moments where all remember all my passwords to the tiniest detail of the last alpha numeric character!

A few more passwords… and you will have me locked out of my own blog.. I’m telling!

There has to be a novel, ingenuous and yet “secret” enough way of remembering them! What do you guys do? Or am I so stressed out that I need special treatment??

Tell me people… is it equally difficult for you??? (Please say yes!)

..with WordPress themes!

I seem to be establishing a pattern of outbursts here. I realise that I do a rants post on WordPress at least once a week!

Anyways.. my latest rant is about themes! There are just 79! I am so not happy with the one I’ve got.. and when I had selected it.. it did seem like the best of the lot :-/  Or maybe I have a dissatisfied designer dormant within me who likes to wake up once in a while and shake things up a bit. So the designer in me thinks that the problem with this current theme is that it is too “green”… and there is very little room for any sort of personalisation. Also… (ahem ahem…) I think it is taking away from my fundu -teh -fantabulous writing  and the precious words of wisdom I like to shower on unwitting lurkers 😀

Btw…Note:  Fundu-“teh” fantabulous has been said in the  typical Punju style of saying it… its like one says…”Gory teh Chitti”… (Translation…”Fair and Fair”..) or a “Teh pher ki hoya?”… “And then what happened?” To put it simply ( I hate putting things simply :-/ ) “teh” = “and”.

…There you go… the romance and suspense of the conversation  is over with that revelation… :-/ serves everybody right for cutting my long story short! 🙂 ….And if you were wandering why I’m taking up so much post space for arbit rambling when I just wanted to crib about the theme…. the answer is…. “Aivenyee” :p

Did I make a big deal out of this or what 😀

….as you can see… we are feeling quite frivolous and light in the head today… and thus… acting quite foolish. It has got partly to do with the fact that we have just met our wonderful.. brilliantly super sharp team lead… and partly due to the fact.. that meri procrastination rang laayi hai… and a document that I was supposed to submit for this appraisal.. can actually be turned over before the next appraisal…. because with or without it.. my ratings are not changing…. So I may not submit it… and so YIPPPPEEEE! Sometimes, I bow in utter gratitude, that life for us procratisnators is still is fair sometimes!

…BUT… I’ve gone all around in this post and not said a word about what I was going to write about in the first place… I really do want to change the theme of my blog… Any suggestions??

Edited to Add: – I’ve now changed the theme from “Spring time” to “Contempt” …I think it is in keeping with the tone of the day 😛

… how to post comments with the same nickname on WordPress and Blogger!

Right now, if I post comments on WordPress blogs.. the name is displayed as Sunshinesafar (which is my chosen nickname) and on Blogger,  it asks for OpenID  and takes, Soulsafar.. which is my blog’s name!

Can someone delurk and help me out?